How would I know when the NYSC Registration Portal is open?

It is not being done in secret, once the registration portal is opened the news will be everywhere.

Are there accredited centers for the NYSC online registration?

There used to be in the past, but as of now there is no longer accredited centers. You can register anywhere.

Which e-Mail address should I use during registration?

You can use any e-mail address, but gmail is better and recommended by NYSC. It’s not advisable to use Yahoo mail because of delay in getting confirmation code

Can I use the gmail I have before or should I create another one?

You can use the one you have before, but make sure you know the login password.

Can I do the registration with my smart phone?

Yes, but you have to connect the thumb-print scanner to your phone for bio-metric verification. Or if you get to where thumbprint is required, save your work and then go to cyber cafe, login to your dashboard and continue from where you stopped.

Can I use another person’s phone number to register?

No! Make sure you use your active Nigerian phone number. It has to be your phone number.

Can someone do the thumb-printing for me?

No! You must do it by yourself. If it is rejecting your fingers, keep trying until it accept it. Use spirit or water to clean your hands before trying again if you are having difficulties

How is the choosing of state of choice look like?

You will be given an opportunity to select four(4) states of your choice during online registration and you will be posted to one out of the four.

Will I submit my BVN during registration?

No, BVN is not required during registration but you will need it in camp for opening of your allowance account.

Must the name I used on my school documents match with the on BVN

Yes, if does not match, go to your Bank and update your BVN to make it match; if not you may have problem opening allowance account in NYSC orientation camp.

Does registering on the first or second day the Portal opened determined where I will be posted?

No, but it is important to register on time so that you would not be among left overs that will be pushed to another batch or stream.

Must I pay N2,786.24 to NYSC during registration?

No, it is optional! Though, my advice is for you to pay. If you pay the money, you will be able to print your Call-up letter on-line, and can reprint it in case you lose it. But if you do not pay, you will go to your Institution for collection your Call-up letter, in case of lose, there will be no replacement.

Do I need a passport photograph for NYSC registration?

Emphatically, Yes! The background color must be white or off-white

Can I do online registration if my school has not uploaded their Senate list?

No! You school has to upload Senate list first.

If I don’t see my name on the senate list, what should I do?

Once you name is not on the senate list, complain to your Institution, they are responsible for uploading of senate list.

My name on JAMB is different from the one my school used in mobilizing me, will it be a problem to me?

Yes, it is a problem! If the one with JAMB is the error one, then go to JAMB for correction but if the one with your Institution is the error, go to your Institution for correction.

Is Medical certificate of fitness compulsory?

Yes, it is needed in camp for physical registration, but if you wish to redeploy on medical ground, then you also need to obtain Medical report.

Should Medical Certificate of Fitness be handwritten or typed?

It should be typed with the letter headed of the hospital and stamp must be on it.

Is it possible for Schools to upload Senate list during online registration?

Yes, it is possible!

Does NYSC request for O’level in orientation camp?

No, except for foreign trained graduates who are required to produce original of all documents uploaded during online registration.

Is the original ND result or NCE required in camp for Polytechnic graduates?

Yes, but if you don’t have the original, please go to camp with the statement.



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